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It’s a simple phrase. One that inspires Tech9’s culture and drives our continued growth. We started Tech9 after years of seeing missing levels of happiness in the tech industry. Software was getting written, but never used; agencies were shipping clunky, user un-friendly apps to clients; and companies were frustrated communicating with development teams who only spoke tech.

Even more importantly, we noticed that happiness was missing from too many tech jobs. We built Tech9 on the idea that tech should be a happy experience for everyone involved, including those responsible for building the software we all rely upon day after day. By founding Tech9, we created a workplace that gives tech professionals opportunities to learn new skills and build meaningful products that end users love.

At Tech9, we tech-happily every day

As a remote-friendly company with employees in five countries worldwide, using dozens of software languages and tools, and solving complex problems for a myriad of customers in a variety of industries, employee engagement is everything. To do what we do, we need fully engaged “Tech9ers”. It isn’t enough for them to just valued. They need to valued.

We believe in teamwork, but we also believe in freedom. In our experience, finding the right balance between those two is a key contributor to higher employee engagement. We want our people to know that they always have a team behind them to support and push them, but also that they have the freedom to do their work without micromanagement or unnecessary red tape.

Virtual meetings are a big part of how we do business. We use technologies like Slack and Zoom to keep our teams connected when we can’t meet in-person. That said, we never meet just for the sake of meeting. We keep meetings short, hold each other accountable for commitments, and take time to stay updated on what’s going on in each other’s lives outside of work.

Great work should never go unnoticed. We regularly celebrate our employees’ accomplishments and efforts, and love for our clients to meet and work directly with the people behind their beautiful software products instead of having executives take the credit.

We expect a lot from our employees. We expect them to push their knowledge to the next level by working on complex projects and problems. We expect them to dig deeper than surface level to deliver the highest quality software possible. Alongside those expectations is the expectation that as you grow and level up your skills, you advance to new opportunities within the company.

From our CEO

“#TechHappily isn’t a sales pitch. It isn’t a pie in the sky ideology we stamp on our t-shirts. #TechHappily is a lifestyle, and it starts with our employees.”


The motto #TechHappily has guided us to create a company where people enjoy the work they do and the people they do it with. We put our people first. With them, we are able to deliver happy software solutions and positive impacts to a rapidly-growing client base.

What Tech9'ers say…

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Tech9 is a fast-growing software development agency with clients across a wide variety of industries. Our motto, #TechHappily, is at the heart of everything we do, both for our clients and our employees. As a Tech9 team member, you’ll be given opportunities to build problem-solving software in a collaborative environment free from unnecessary policies and rules.

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